Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bringing Miracles, Inc. and Sori

Hello Brothers and Sisters =)  [Y'all]

    Just wanted to share some exciting things that God has been doing! We had been praying for wisdom about making things sustainable in Kenya and it has been incredible how God is keeping Monica and I in sync. =) We had been talking/praying about buying land for quite a while and it seems like whenever some money gets saved- it has to go for monthly support- I mean that is top priority that the children be fed daily and emergency needs be met. Land in Nairobi right next to Kibera is going for $7,100 and land in Sori next to Lake Victoria (close by) is $1,000- but like I said the immediate needs had to be met. One day, a couple of weeks before the Sori trip- I called Monica and asked her- "Is is possible to pay for seed and to rent land and then share portions of the proceeds with the worker/owner, is that kind of thing done in Kenya?" Monica responded with excitement, telling me that she had recently talked with one of the church folks in Sori about a similar thing!
    So, it is pretty cool that we are working up 1 1/2 acres in corn and beans! We have already paid for two seasons of crops and when pruning time comes, we will pay some workers for their labor. Please pray that this will be a fruitful season! All proceeds will probably pay for rice and other food for the center. 
    Bringing Miracles, Inc. purchased the certificate of non profit for the feeding center last month. This will enable them to receive help from large NGOs and other benefits. They will also be recognized by the Kenyan government. One of the requirements was to have access to a bathroom. We went in together with the center's neighbor and are installing a toilet right next to the current facility. This is a significant improvement. =)
The best part is that the children won't have to go up past the railway to find a bathroom- they can just take a few steps outside. Yay!!
    Monica went to Sori for the crusade last week and she has so many wonderful testimonies! God did great things -30 people gave their life to Jesus Christ and two Muslims found salvation in Jesus!! We sent enough for Monica to buy 5 Swahili bibles and 2 bibles in Luo. 
    Monica told me of a horrible situation she encountered- that brought me to tears. I almost am afraid to share this because it is so graphic. But, it is the reality in Kenya- and I remember while there hearing of so many heart wrenching, graphic stories- you just don't want to believe these things happen, but they do. During fasting and prayers in preparation for the crusade- the Lord told Monica that she was to visit a family some distance away from the crusade. She did not know where, but she knew that at the appointed time the Lord would show her. So, she left Sori - I think it was on day 3, and as she walked the name David came to her- and folks she saw told her about the abominations occurring in this family she was to visit. They even assumed she was a witch doctor- because many had come before her trying their magic to make this family right. You see, the mother was alone with 10 children. Every night, these boys would come home drunk and rape their mother. She was often unconscious afterwards. Some nights she would hide in the African bush just waiting until they would pass out. Monica arrived at the home and spent time with the mother- sharing about Jesus and His love- she put her hope in Jesus and was saved. Hallelujah! Before Monica could leave, they heard the drunken ruckus of the boys returning for the night. Monica was scared and wondered what would now happen- would she too be raped. The Lord reassured her to have courage like Joshua- to not be afraid that God was with her. When the boys arrived Monica told them how Satan had tried to bring destruction to their family- she said they all fell on their faces and began to cry and repent. They came to the crusade and they repented before the crowd and promised to never drink or defile their mother again. Monica has called to check on them and the villagers attest to them being changed.
    Please pray for all these new converts, that they will continue to grow and mature in the Lord.

Here are some photos and testimony in Monica's words:

this was the second day of the crusade the young girl who collapsed in school and was about to die was brought in the crusade , after praying for her for five minutes she wake up and iwas so happy to see our god working

the word of god was entering in their blood stream , as ispoke of faith there was awoman who has been possitive , and is using drugs for seven years but if he had of faith of jesus which can bring aclean blood to somebody she rolled down crying so much calling jeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus , after we prayed for her before the crusade ends she went for the test in one clinic you know what she was found negative prayyyyyyyys the loooord

in the forth day the word spead all over the village women men children wre coming to jesus , they wanted us to stay more but we planned for five days
This baby needs our prayers- she is 2 years old but whatever disease she has is stunting her growth and she is malnourished.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lend A Hand- Poverty is NOT over!!

Bringing Miracles, Inc. participated in the Lend a Hand initiative in conjunction with Micah Challenge, USA
On September 25, 2010 we had a table set up during the Projecting Hope festival so folks could trace their hand and promise to lift up the poor in prayer!

Here are some of the hand prints we collected.

Some of the buddies we met during the event. :)

We are thankful for those that participated and their commitments to pray for the poor. We are trusting in God's faithfulness to keep drawing hearts to remember the poor in prayer and support.
We will be sending these in to our government leaders to remind them that promises made during the millennial development goals should be remembered and the poor should not be forgotten!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Advocacy for Global Poverty

   This Saturday September 25, 2010 I am excited to have the opportunity  to participate in advocacy for global poverty. This is in conjunction with Micah Challenge a church wide call to stand with the poor and be a voice. We will be collecting hand prints and names to send to government officials to remind them of their promises at the G8 Summit to halve poverty by the year 2015.
     Pray with me that we will easily have people commit to at least give a name, trace their hand and take time to pray for the millennial development goals, keeping them lifted up to the Lord- even if they are unable to make monetary commitments.
Please watch this to get more information about how you too can help!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Miracle Victory Feeding Center supported by new non profit 501 c 3

Non Profit 501 c 3, Bringing Miracles, Inc

For more information about how you can support the orphans and other children in Kenya, please visit the website. We appreciate all your prayers and support. =) God is doing amazing things throughout the earth!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Monica Akinyi's account of Miracle Victory Feeding Center's beginnings

Miracle & Victory Centre (Monica wrote this in 2008)

The Centre was started on May 1st 2007. It was a vision from the Lord after praying for so many years asking Lord on what do to the Children of Kibera who were suffering due to lack of food, schooling and care. I have stayed in Kibera slums for more than 10 years due to lack of food care and education has made many children to quite their home and run to the street in search of food and that has caused high rate of death and malnutrition diseases.

It was on the same year the Lord sent some missionaries to Kenya (The adventures in Mission team) the same year life was very rough on my side I was very poor single mother of four children, and yet the children were also suffering in my neighborhood and in kibera slums as a whole I prayed for two days asking the Lord to answer me, I prayed and fasted then the Lord spoke to me in a vision telling me that he will rescue me and the children. In the morning my first born Oscar went to school I did not know what way the Lord will use.

Thanks to the Lord. Because Oscar meet with Brian Baucon who came with Adventurers. They became friends for a while without me knowing one morning Oscar told me about his friend that he would love to meet me. I went to where they were staying and I met Brian. Brian paid a visit to my place over the weekend. I was staying in one single room with all the children. He did not mind, he visited us every weekend. He wrote to his family bck home telling them about me. He talked to their team mates about us. The Lord talked to Brian and he asked me what business I can do to support my family, because even my own children could not go to school. Brian gave me 12,000 Kenyan shillings to start a business of selling fish. I started selling fish from up country.  The Lord blessed the business afterwards Cindy Baucom came to visit us in Kenya. When she came, she came to my house to visit me I was blessed with her too. The Lord talked to her to support the bussines, she gave me 13,000KSH to uplift my business. It was a great blessing to me. I started to see our Lord working for me before she could live. I heard the Lord talking to me reminding me to start a feeding centre. Where I can feed the children, because at lunch time so many children were coming to my house when they see me cooking and could share. We started the centre near my house in a church hall which we rented. Brian and adventures team were coming over to visit and they were also providing some food. I also used the profit left  from the fish and Mandazi business to support on the day Cindy was leaving at night back to America I told her what the Lord was telling me she ws attracted with the vision and she promised to tell people back home.

The centre was then, started and in May 2007 Brian team left to America.  On the first day we had 100 children. The number increased each day, it was until 2008 after the distuted elections in Kenya so many children lost their parents and relatives we added the number to 200 children. It has seen Cindy standing with us all along. Looking for organization and churches to stand with us. Cindy has been making some fund raising from friends and well wishers. The Lord talked to Monroe Christian Centre to support us and PT 16 15 organization. They started to wire money. At the centre I was forced to hire some workers to help me run it. The money was wired after every three months. I thank God for the Church, Cindy and the organization for what they are doing for the children in Kibera. Although it has not been enough it has played a very big role in at the centre as a whole. God bless Cindy, PT15 16, and Monroe Christian Church.

We have encountered a lot of challenges, especially on paying staff and food plus rent. It was until march when I got some sad news from Cindy that the Church cannot support anymore, because many people who were giving lost their jobs and remember that the centre has grown to a feeding centre and pre-school. We teach children and feed them too, also we have a very big number of orphans who need support of clothes and other things. So from that day up to this point there is nothing we have. Like this month the children will go without food because what we had could not manage for the whole 3 months it was 431$ US which is to feed 200children for three months and also to pay workers.

We are praying and appealing to friends, well wishers to please come out and support or save the life of the children in Kibera.

Below is the updated report on money we have been receving and how we spent i. my friend I know how you have been working hard so that the centre continues to operate let join hands in prayers so that the Lord will provide for the children. Your donation and support is highly needed especially in time like this when we do not have food in stock God bless you.

Our Mission
Is to love care and change life and give feature to children.

With faith all things are possible.

To make a home for children.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Christmas Outing for the children at Miracle Victory

This Christmas we were able to send a double portion to Miracle Victory Feeding Center, allowing the children to have an extra special treat! Thank you Lord Jesus for your provision!
The children were able to go to Uhuru Park and spend the day riding paddle boats, eating cookies and having sodas! They also were able to get their faces painted!The children also enjoyed the beautiful lawn and play equipment at the park. For many of  them, this was the first time they ever ventured out of the slum. None of them had ever had a paddle boat ride- so this was a day of great memories and knowing just how special they are to the Lord. They are each precious!
Here are some pictures of their outing:

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Song for Mama Cindy

So sweet, the little song just for me on the last day with the children.
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Malaria Nets!!

I am so happy and excited to report that because the fulfillment of a precious lady's Christmas wish, we were able to purchase mosquito nets for each child under the care of Miracle Victory Feeding Center! I thank God for using her mom to garner support and raise funds for all 200 children!
God is so good!
Thanks you!           Thank you!!




Application for Non Profit Bringing Miracles, INC

I am really excited that I have been able to apply for non profit status! Bringing Miracles, Inc has been in my heart for almost 3 years. This ministry was conceived after spending several months in prayer and fasting in 2007. I had been crying out for the Lord to use me and to break my heart with the things that broke His- I really did not know what that was going to be- but I was just learning to trust Him and to listen to His voice. After a phenomenal time of learning on an intercession team at Passion conference in 2007, I was so eager to continue passionately seeking home, at church, at any place where I knew other believers would gather to worship and seek God.
Then an opportunity to go to Kenya and visit my son Brian came in March 2007. Brian had been on a team from Adventures in Missions spending 9 months in Kibera- one of the largest slums in Africa and the world. I remember telling Brian, "I don't want to be a tourist when I come visit...I want to do ministry with you." So, he took me at my word. From day one, we went straight into the heart of Kibera and visited people doing door to door ministry. Just entering the slum was an extreme assault to my senses, the odors, the mass of humanity traversing the sewage laden rivulets that crisscrossed Kibera- it could have been overwhelming for an every day mom- but by the grace of God- He allowed my heart to enlarge and to take it all in and to care about these people. I met so many people, each with a unique life- many of them had faced severe and unimaginable tragedy. Again God's grace allowed me to listen, without letting my jaw drop in horror at the things they were dealing with on a daily basis. Brian let me into his missionary world and I finally felt like I was doing what God had called me to do.
Brian introduced me to Oscar, one of his young friends from Kibera- with a special place in Brian's heart. I also got to meet and spend time with Monica, Oscar's mom. She taught me to make mandazis and other Kenyan staples. She did not have much- but what she had- she shared with the neighbors and children that piled into her home. I think we had over 20 people in that small little mud and stick abode. Talk about a closeknit community!! Everthing we did was with and for other people-wow- so different from my existance of isolation in the US. I was used to doing for myself and my family and occasional acts of charity- what a good person I was. I went to church and got involved, was comitted to meet regularly with others- but that sense of community was not there. It was so different from my view of "normal" but I loved it! I also was amazed at the spirit of generosity in Monica. A woman from the slum, generously sharing from her little.
When it came time for me to leave Kibera I felt the Lord nudging me to give Monica all the money I had left, so she could continue her business and maybe help it grow- thinking she could get out of the slum and have a better life. But God's ways are not our ways. Thank you Lord!! She responded with joy and began to share with me how she had wanted to start a feeding center for the children because so many went without food on a daily basis. My heart leapt at the thought of her willingness to give away what could have helped her own little family.
Upon returning home I continued supporting Miracle Victory Feeding Center- first by sending funds through paypal to a missionary that could in turn give to Monica. Then later I began wiring money directly to Monica. About 6 months later, my church began to send money as they were able on a quarterly basis. After returning to Kibera in August 2009, the Lord has nudged me to send monthly wires to provide a more stable flow of money to meet needs. When I returned in August, seeing all the huge needs made me realize what money previously sent did not make even a tiny dent in the face of that severe a gulf of need.
Now, I am trusting God to draw people and to rent their hearts with these huge needs too! I can not do this by myself. Only God can do this! He has done it all- but we must respond and not close our eyes, or turn the page or belittle His work.
Sure we have our share of sorrow in the US. Jesus told us that trouble would come- we are not immune from that because we are Christians. But in the US, hunger is a rarity- going more than a day without food is rare. Going without clean water never happens in the US. It NEVER HAPPENS here unless by choice. Children usually have at least one pair of shoes, and several outfits to chose from. Not to mention their video games, TVs in their rooms, eating out...the list goes on. We are so blessed here! Thank you Lord for letting me live in an amazing place!
Thanks for your prayers for Bringing Miracles, INC. I am still waiting for the determination letter from the IRS. Then I can have a website and all that goes with a 501 c 3  .

Love you all!

For His Renown!

Cindy Baucom