Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bringing Miracles, Inc. and Sori

Hello Brothers and Sisters =)  [Y'all]

    Just wanted to share some exciting things that God has been doing! We had been praying for wisdom about making things sustainable in Kenya and it has been incredible how God is keeping Monica and I in sync. =) We had been talking/praying about buying land for quite a while and it seems like whenever some money gets saved- it has to go for monthly support- I mean that is top priority that the children be fed daily and emergency needs be met. Land in Nairobi right next to Kibera is going for $7,100 and land in Sori next to Lake Victoria (close by) is $1,000- but like I said the immediate needs had to be met. One day, a couple of weeks before the Sori trip- I called Monica and asked her- "Is is possible to pay for seed and to rent land and then share portions of the proceeds with the worker/owner, is that kind of thing done in Kenya?" Monica responded with excitement, telling me that she had recently talked with one of the church folks in Sori about a similar thing!
    So, it is pretty cool that we are working up 1 1/2 acres in corn and beans! We have already paid for two seasons of crops and when pruning time comes, we will pay some workers for their labor. Please pray that this will be a fruitful season! All proceeds will probably pay for rice and other food for the center. 
    Bringing Miracles, Inc. purchased the certificate of non profit for the feeding center last month. This will enable them to receive help from large NGOs and other benefits. They will also be recognized by the Kenyan government. One of the requirements was to have access to a bathroom. We went in together with the center's neighbor and are installing a toilet right next to the current facility. This is a significant improvement. =)
The best part is that the children won't have to go up past the railway to find a bathroom- they can just take a few steps outside. Yay!!
    Monica went to Sori for the crusade last week and she has so many wonderful testimonies! God did great things -30 people gave their life to Jesus Christ and two Muslims found salvation in Jesus!! We sent enough for Monica to buy 5 Swahili bibles and 2 bibles in Luo. 
    Monica told me of a horrible situation she encountered- that brought me to tears. I almost am afraid to share this because it is so graphic. But, it is the reality in Kenya- and I remember while there hearing of so many heart wrenching, graphic stories- you just don't want to believe these things happen, but they do. During fasting and prayers in preparation for the crusade- the Lord told Monica that she was to visit a family some distance away from the crusade. She did not know where, but she knew that at the appointed time the Lord would show her. So, she left Sori - I think it was on day 3, and as she walked the name David came to her- and folks she saw told her about the abominations occurring in this family she was to visit. They even assumed she was a witch doctor- because many had come before her trying their magic to make this family right. You see, the mother was alone with 10 children. Every night, these boys would come home drunk and rape their mother. She was often unconscious afterwards. Some nights she would hide in the African bush just waiting until they would pass out. Monica arrived at the home and spent time with the mother- sharing about Jesus and His love- she put her hope in Jesus and was saved. Hallelujah! Before Monica could leave, they heard the drunken ruckus of the boys returning for the night. Monica was scared and wondered what would now happen- would she too be raped. The Lord reassured her to have courage like Joshua- to not be afraid that God was with her. When the boys arrived Monica told them how Satan had tried to bring destruction to their family- she said they all fell on their faces and began to cry and repent. They came to the crusade and they repented before the crowd and promised to never drink or defile their mother again. Monica has called to check on them and the villagers attest to them being changed.
    Please pray for all these new converts, that they will continue to grow and mature in the Lord.

Here are some photos and testimony in Monica's words:

this was the second day of the crusade the young girl who collapsed in school and was about to die was brought in the crusade , after praying for her for five minutes she wake up and iwas so happy to see our god working

the word of god was entering in their blood stream , as ispoke of faith there was awoman who has been possitive , and is using drugs for seven years but if he had of faith of jesus which can bring aclean blood to somebody she rolled down crying so much calling jeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus , after we prayed for her before the crusade ends she went for the test in one clinic you know what she was found negative prayyyyyyyys the loooord

in the forth day the word spead all over the village women men children wre coming to jesus , they wanted us to stay more but we planned for five days
This baby needs our prayers- she is 2 years old but whatever disease she has is stunting her growth and she is malnourished.

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