Thursday, February 4, 2010

Application for Non Profit Bringing Miracles, INC

I am really excited that I have been able to apply for non profit status! Bringing Miracles, Inc has been in my heart for almost 3 years. This ministry was conceived after spending several months in prayer and fasting in 2007. I had been crying out for the Lord to use me and to break my heart with the things that broke His- I really did not know what that was going to be- but I was just learning to trust Him and to listen to His voice. After a phenomenal time of learning on an intercession team at Passion conference in 2007, I was so eager to continue passionately seeking home, at church, at any place where I knew other believers would gather to worship and seek God.
Then an opportunity to go to Kenya and visit my son Brian came in March 2007. Brian had been on a team from Adventures in Missions spending 9 months in Kibera- one of the largest slums in Africa and the world. I remember telling Brian, "I don't want to be a tourist when I come visit...I want to do ministry with you." So, he took me at my word. From day one, we went straight into the heart of Kibera and visited people doing door to door ministry. Just entering the slum was an extreme assault to my senses, the odors, the mass of humanity traversing the sewage laden rivulets that crisscrossed Kibera- it could have been overwhelming for an every day mom- but by the grace of God- He allowed my heart to enlarge and to take it all in and to care about these people. I met so many people, each with a unique life- many of them had faced severe and unimaginable tragedy. Again God's grace allowed me to listen, without letting my jaw drop in horror at the things they were dealing with on a daily basis. Brian let me into his missionary world and I finally felt like I was doing what God had called me to do.
Brian introduced me to Oscar, one of his young friends from Kibera- with a special place in Brian's heart. I also got to meet and spend time with Monica, Oscar's mom. She taught me to make mandazis and other Kenyan staples. She did not have much- but what she had- she shared with the neighbors and children that piled into her home. I think we had over 20 people in that small little mud and stick abode. Talk about a closeknit community!! Everthing we did was with and for other people-wow- so different from my existance of isolation in the US. I was used to doing for myself and my family and occasional acts of charity- what a good person I was. I went to church and got involved, was comitted to meet regularly with others- but that sense of community was not there. It was so different from my view of "normal" but I loved it! I also was amazed at the spirit of generosity in Monica. A woman from the slum, generously sharing from her little.
When it came time for me to leave Kibera I felt the Lord nudging me to give Monica all the money I had left, so she could continue her business and maybe help it grow- thinking she could get out of the slum and have a better life. But God's ways are not our ways. Thank you Lord!! She responded with joy and began to share with me how she had wanted to start a feeding center for the children because so many went without food on a daily basis. My heart leapt at the thought of her willingness to give away what could have helped her own little family.
Upon returning home I continued supporting Miracle Victory Feeding Center- first by sending funds through paypal to a missionary that could in turn give to Monica. Then later I began wiring money directly to Monica. About 6 months later, my church began to send money as they were able on a quarterly basis. After returning to Kibera in August 2009, the Lord has nudged me to send monthly wires to provide a more stable flow of money to meet needs. When I returned in August, seeing all the huge needs made me realize what money previously sent did not make even a tiny dent in the face of that severe a gulf of need.
Now, I am trusting God to draw people and to rent their hearts with these huge needs too! I can not do this by myself. Only God can do this! He has done it all- but we must respond and not close our eyes, or turn the page or belittle His work.
Sure we have our share of sorrow in the US. Jesus told us that trouble would come- we are not immune from that because we are Christians. But in the US, hunger is a rarity- going more than a day without food is rare. Going without clean water never happens in the US. It NEVER HAPPENS here unless by choice. Children usually have at least one pair of shoes, and several outfits to chose from. Not to mention their video games, TVs in their rooms, eating out...the list goes on. We are so blessed here! Thank you Lord for letting me live in an amazing place!
Thanks for your prayers for Bringing Miracles, INC. I am still waiting for the determination letter from the IRS. Then I can have a website and all that goes with a 501 c 3  .

Love you all!

For His Renown!

Cindy Baucom